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Reputable Westminster Locksmith Recommends Easy Ways of Securing New Homes

So, you have finally managed to move into the house of your dreams. There are so many things to do, so much unpacking, that it is easy to overlook things that are most important for your security.

For decades our local Westminster locksmith specialists have been involved in preserving and installing security measures in residential areas, so our expert provided tips may prove to be quite helpful.


Door security tips

Doors are usually the most common access points in your home, so they should be properly secured. You may be too excited about the prospect of moving into a new house, before you complete the purchase, and may easily forget about checking the doors. But you should definitely do this as soon as you prepare to move in.

Ask yourself these Westminster locksmith recommended questions:

- What material are the doors made of?
- Are locking mechanisms working properly?
- Do locks need change, rekeying or a new system altogether?
- Are there any signs of forced access around the door?
- Are the handles secure?


• If, for instance, you feel the main entry door is not made of a sturdy enough material, call our specialized Westminster locksmith experts at A&M Locksmith and ask them for a free evaluation. One of the strongest materials is hardwood, and a door that is made of that material can have even the most sophisticated form of locks attached to it, which cannot be said about uPVC doors. A metal or wooden door can easily be installed by our Westminster locksmith experts, with all the additional safety measures like deadbolt locks.

• If you cannot afford a new door for now, there are other budget friendly ways, rekeying is one of the most popular, and Westminster locksmith can also help with that.

• If the locking mechanisms appear old and unsafe, the best idea is to change all locks around the house, make sure they are top quality and fully functional.


Window security tips

• Although many people have this tendency to forget how easily penetrable windows can be, you should never overlook this aspect.

• Checking the state of your windows may be trickier than you think, especially with windows that at first sight may appear secure. There are many malfunction issues that may be discovered upon closer examination.


• This is precisely the job for our expert Westminster locksmith technicians. They can assess factors such as resistance to force, material resistance, lock quality, seal intactness. Locks can also be installed on your windows, and it is advisable to have this done by a specialist.

Also, install security measures such as bars on your upper level windows as well, you never know how easy a burglar can climb up your first floor window and get in, when you are not at home.

Overall, there are many security issues to take care in your new home. Because not many people know how to evaluate safety threats properly, this should be a job done by Westminster locksmith experts.


Our A&M Locksmith specialized services can provide free assessment and a quote on any additional security services you may need. The longer you wait to act, the more endangered your new property can be, especially since new house owners function as a magnet for thieves. Call Westminster locksmith today and start improving your new residence security.