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Although it may seem more technical and modern to have your keys made by a machine, this old practice is still used. It's amazing what a skilled Westminster Locksmith hands can do. Unfortunately, in some cases the original key is destroyed in the process and Westminster Locksmith has to start from scratch, making an entirely new key altogether. Other techniques involve putting the keys side by side in a vice grip and carefully filing the blank key. Some Westminster Locksmith employees find this easier and more accurate. It is similar to how a machine used at Westminster Locksmith would carve out a new key.


Westminster Locksmith invested a lot of money into the key duplication machine, yet still use old practices. This can be because the machine isn't always as accurate as the hand, and some Westminster Locksmith employees enjoy the challenge of duplicating keys by hand. Westminster Locksmith's also find that using a machine is more dangerous than doing it by hand. Each technique has it's pro's and con's which an experienced locksmith from Westminster Locksmith will explain to you if you go in requesting a duplicate!